escvdo peru


ESCVDO is a contemporary, ethical luxury fashion brand inspired by and dedicated to Peruvian heritage. Since the beginning, we have pride ourselves of working alongside local artisans to preserve and apply ancestral knowledge to modern design. 

We are committed to sustainability and transparency in the execution of every step of our production. Our collections are a celebration of Peru, of the history and traditions that inspire us, and of the future we can built together, by caring for each other and for our planet.


ESCVDO was born from sisters Chiara and Giuliana Macchiavello’s deep-seated passion for Peru, its traditions, and its vast natural and cultural wealth.

Designer, artist, entrepreneur, businesswoman and working mom, Chiara Macchiavello now leads the company and its multidisciplinary team, with whom she shares the love for her country.  

Growing up, Chiara travelled extensively and was in deep contact with Peru and the different cultural manifestations that can be found across its territory. After living 7 years abroad, between London and different parts of the US, she came back to Lima with one idea in mind: create a design project that could contribute to preserving Peru’s cultural wealth. ESCVDO was born to learn from the experts weavers of our country, and to find new ways of celebrating our heritage and textile tradition through fashion and contemporary design. 

As a team, we take great care in the design and development of each product. Our staff of creative designers and administrative personnel are all committed to our mission of highlighting Peru’s textile heritage and the people who keep our traditions alive.

escvdo peru